Hi! I like to write about games a whole bunch, because they are very cool.

For those interested in a professional context, the below is my resume. You can also check out my linkedin, linked in (natch) at the top right of this page.

Thomas Loughney

[Address and contact info redacted. Contact me personally for my information.
This is a precaution against doxxing, etc. I hope you understand]


Naked Criticism

  • Personal website of ~100+ self-published pieces on games, film, and queerness
  • Receiving positive developer attention, despite small scale and amateur status

GameInformer Community (2015-2016)

WKCO (2015-2016)

  • Published weekly WKCO blog contributor (domain expired – PDFs available upon request)
  • Highlighted for excellence in 2016 WKCO Zine with Album Review: Kanye West – The Life of Pablo

Work Experience

Major Casts Network; Los Angeles, CA; 2016-present

  • Co-founder
    • Network downloads at 12k+
    • 7 shows, with talks for more on the way
  • Director of Operations
    • Oversee production, acquisition, advertisement, scheduling, and consistency of the network’s seven (and growing) podcasts via googledrive, online contact, and personal contact.
  • Social Media Director
    • Engage with listeners; promote the network; produce positive, comedic social content to match the voice of the network on both Twitter and Facebook
  • Podcaster
    • Co-host: Media Majors – weekly comedic storytelling podcast about the strange but true tales of major media; a well-researched archive of the histories within television, movies, video games, and the internet
    • Host: King Me – Monthly Stephen King podcast critically examining the theatrical adaptions of his works with a little help from the source material (and a rotating guest pool). Criticisms may vary from cultural observations to fun spot-the-difference digs between film and book.
  • Audio Editor
    • Edit Media Majors, King Me, and other network podcasts using Audacity and Lightworks.

WKCO 91.9 FM; Kenyon College, Gambier, OH; 2013-2016

  • Blog Contributor (2015-2016)
    • Weekly ~1000-2000 word pieces on the musical culture created and enjoyed by the Kenyon College student body
  • Radio Host (2013-2016)
    • Host and co-host to various radio shows on evolving topics
      • Co-host: Aunt Irma’s Shoe (2013) – live weekly indie music appreciation show, focused on deep musical punctuated by strange pop culture stories
      • Host: Review Radio (2014) – live weekly review show on movies and music
      • Host: GameInformal Radio (2015-2016) – live weekly games culture radio program, similar in form to the modern Video Game Podcast

WETA Brainline; Washington, D.C.; 2014

  • Video Editing Intern
    • Assisted in the editing of WETA Brainline video projects
      • Programs used: AVID, Final Cut Pro 7
    • Provided on-location assistance for WETA Brainline shoots


Software – Audicity, Lightworks, AVID, Finalcut Pro 7, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
Hardware – Audio setup (mics, USB audio interfaces)
Writing – skilled researcher, consistent output
Social Media – Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook