Other Projects

Hi! I do a whole bunch of other things too! Look at ’em here:


I co-host the Media Majors Podcast (A Storytelling Podcast About Major Media) with my good friend, Liam Senior. He knows movies and TV, I know games and the internet. We tell each other a story from our respective mediums, and learn that the answer was inside us all along.

I’ve also guested on several podcasts:

Big Time Whoopsies

Musty TV


Stride and Saunter:

Game Informer Online Radio:

If you would like me to be a guest on your podcast, feel free to send me an inquiry via my contact page.



Over the years, I’ve written a hell of a lot of music. I’ve grown into quite the songwriter, if I do say so myself. All recordings are demos, as I’m limited by both instruments and recording equipment, but I’m quite proud of what I’ve released, regardless. It can all be found here, on my Soundcloud.